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Spectrum Problem
  The increasing prevalence of mental illnesses in urban and rural Indian population is of great concern to the medical community. In India there are more than 30 million mentally ill people who account for a quarter of the world's total mentally ill population.
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Admission (Nursing Home)
Psychodiagnostics services
Relationship Problems
Marital Disharmony
Child guidances services
Drug de- addiction
Digital EEG
Brain Maping
Sleep Studies
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Dr. Harish Matai (MD)
Dr. I.J Sharma (MD)
Dr. Brij Mohan Makkar (MD)
Dr. Arvind Agarwal (MD)
Dr. Neeta Taneja (MD)
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Admission (Nursing home)
Emergency 24 hrs
Child Guidance Services
Psychodiagnostic Services
E.C.T (Electroshock Treatment)
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